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my first ever post…and I dedicate this to you:-)

Had a thought to here I go..

Dedicated to one of the greatest friend I could ever have..

Beautiful, stunning, kind, good at heart..probably i ‘ll fall short of words but still won’t be able find the right word to describe you. You have always been my strength, like a backbone is to a body, who supperted me in every ups and downs of my life. Whenever I needed you, you were always present as a friend, sister, guide and in every best possible way you could. Its been 10-12 years we have been together, as great friends, and I hope we’ll always be the same even when we will be in our 90’s 😉

We have shared some really great moments together, whether be our meaningless talks, those movies, your b’day celebrations, waiting for every one before every get-together that was planned etc. But the best part will always be our school days that we still can’t stop thinking about.

Anyhow I know there are still a few days left for your b’day to come, and I couldn’t find any gift better than this for you. Hope you like it nidhi :*


Working on a book review currently… ‘A walk to remember’ by Nicolas sparks…will b out wid it soon ..:-) 

Hope every1 likes 🙂 🙂